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Manufacturer: British DispensarySubstance: Boldenone BlendPackage: 20 mL vial (300 mg/mL)

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BOLDE BLEND 300 (Boldenone Blend) 20 mL vial (300 mg/mL) – Injectable Steroids from British Dispensary.

The Boldenone course should be started only after a thorough medical examination and consultation with a doctor. Selection of optimal dosage is carried out on the basis of previous experience of anabolic and androgenic steroids application, individual physiological features and actual purpose of this AAS use. The average course of boldenone solo lasts from 8 to 10 weeks, 400-800 mg of the drug once a week for men, 50-100 mg for women. Administration may be started with a lower dosage to sense the effect of the preparation and to take appropriate measures when side reactions occur.

Effects from taking Boldenone

  • Set of muscle bulk. There is a slow but qualitative increase in muscle volume. The nature of the effect is due to the length of the ester: if boldenone acetate or propionate is used, hypertrophy will occur much faster.
  • Effects from taking BoldenonIncreased power. An effect that is almost always accompanied by an increase in the weight of the athlete.
  • Increase in appetite.
  • Increase in erythrocytic blood mass. The drug stimulates the formation of red blood cells. Thus, muscles get more oxygen, can work more efficiently without the formation of lactic acid. The endurance of the athlete increases.
  • Boldenon is often used by athletes, skiers and other endurance-oriented athletes.

Side effects

Many characteristics of the Equipoise are determined by the presence of a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms. It significantly slows down the aromatization. The steroid shows twice as much estrogenic activity as testosterone. Side effects from Boldenon, such as increased blood pressure, swelling and gynecomastia, are hardly found even when the recommended dosages are significantly exceeded. Thus, it is not necessary to take antiestrogens. Low androgen exposure allows steroid use to women. Virolization is extremely rare. The steroid is resistant to 5-alpha reductase, and therefore practically does not cause androgen manifestations in the form of baldness, prostatic hypertrophy, acne, etc. When using the recommended dosages, the level of endogenous testosterone is slightly suppressed. If you know how to prick Boldenon correctly, virtually all negative reactions can be prevented.

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