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Manufacturer: British DispensarySubstance: Trenbolone AcetatePackage: 20 mL vial (150 mg/mL)

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FINAPLIX 100 (Trenbolone Acetate) 20 mL vial (150 mg/mL) – Injectable Steroids from British Dispensary.

Trenbolone acetate is a strong androgen anabolic steroid, with no estrogen side effects. One of the most popular forms of “tren,” with the smallest duration of the active substance. The preparation is injected every day or every other day. Our online steroid store Moretesto offers to buy Trenbolon acetate at the most profitable prices.

Trenbolon A is one of the strongest anabolic steroids in its ability to increase strength. It has gained its popularity mainly because it is unable to flavor into estrogens under the influence of aromatase.

Advantages of Trenbolone Acetate:

  • Universality. Works equally for both mass and drying. At the same time it is perfectly combined with any other AAS.
    Increases insulin-like growth factor levels by 200%.
  • It promotes fat burning both on its own and by stimulating growth hormone secretion.
  • Significantly reduces cortisol levels.
  • Due to high anabolic and androgen indices, it contributes to a significant increase in power indicators, but also a moderate increase in mass (as it does not flavor and practically does not delay water).
  • The half-life is approximately 1 to 2 days, while the half-life of the enantate form is 8 days, and the parabolan is 10 days.
  • The short form allows to reduce risks of progestagenic activity of the drug and to cancel its administration without any consequences in case of negative factors.
  • Given the short half-lives of the drug, it is more preferred on drying than the enantate form of trenbolone and parabolane, because it does not increase progesterone and prolactin as much (an increase in which in turn leads to fluid delay).

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