MASTERON 100 British Dispensary


Manufacturer: British DispensarySubstance: Drostanolone PropionatePackage: 20 mL vial (100 mg/mL)

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MASTERON 100 (Drostanolone Propionate) 20 mL vial (100 mg/mL) – Injectable Steroids from British Dispensary.

Masteron from British Dispensary is a quality steroid drug with the active substance drostanolone propionate, often used by many athletes during the period of muscle drying. Ordering this anabolic is possible through our steroid supermarket. It is recommended to buy Masteron from British Dispensari not only representatives of bodybuilding. This steroid is very popular also in the environment of athletics and other sports disciplines where it is important for the athlete to keep the weight category after application of sports pharmacology. A feature of this steroid is the complete absence of aromatization during the course. This means that during the course the athlete will not face such side reactions as gynecomastia, increased pressure and so on. In contrast, due to the chemical nature of this steroid, it is even somewhat an aromatase inhibitor. This affects the price of Masteron from British Dispensary, which allows it to be classified as steroids of a high price group, but there is no doubt about the expediency of buying this drug.

The most characteristic effects of the correctly constructed course of the preparation “Masteron” will allow to protect dry muscle mass and force indicators as much as possible during the drying cycle should also be expected to increase density and hardness, which will improve visual beauty of muscle during the course the preparation does not delay water and does not affect the total body weight, allowing to preserve force data (Therefore it is permissible to use the drug by all athletes who wish to keep the weight category) This steroid is characterized by a slightly expressed diuretic effect high androgenic activity of this steroid causes a strong fat-burning effect, as well as increases libido this steroid not only does not taste, but also in itself is able to act as an aromatase inhibitor has a strong anticatabolic effect during the course it is also possible to increase the power indicators while maintaining its own weight


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