TESTOSUS 100 British Dispensary


Manufacturer: British DispensarySubstance: Testosterone BasePackage: 20 mL vial (100 mg/ml)

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TESTOSUS 100 (Testosterone Base) 20 mL vial (100 mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from British Dispensary.

Testosterone Base from British Dispensary is an unesterified testosterone that is in aqueous suspension. Unlike its esterified collection, Propionate, Testosterone Base has no ether residue. This means that 100 mg of the drug contains 100 mg of pure testosterone. Due to the fact that the preparation is in suspension its half-life is only 3 days. This feature allows to use steroid shortly before competitions and not to fail doping control.

Effect of Testosterone base

The drug gained popularity in the bodysuit of his conscience:

  • Rapid gain in dry muscle mass;
  • Tangible increase in strength and endurance;
  • Accelerated recovery between workouts;
  • Increase in hardness of muscles;
  • Improvement of mood;
  • Increase in a libido;
  • Active fat burning on course;

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